Testing capabilities

The ASTC can help you prove your technologies and achieve certification.

We are equipped to test tensile and fatigue test coupons, and to produce material properties data for innovative materials or novel manufacturing processes. These data are then used in the design process to develop smarter, lighter, and cheaper solutions to engineering problems, in partnership with the Process Technology Group and other AMRC research groups.

We can then qualify the fatigue life and strength properties of actual structures by accurately replicating the operating environment. We have data logging equipment able to record parameters such as applied load, deflection, strain and temperature at speeds of up to 19,200Hz. We ensure that all relevant information is captured to validate computer analysis methods.

Our testing capabilities include:

  • Static testing: uniaxial and multi axis structural strength testing to¬†+/- 2MN.
  • Fatigue testing: uniaxial dynamic loading to +/- 1MN.
  • Pressure testing: dynamic and static up to 250 bar; 8 channel multiaxial up to 2MN per channel.
  • Instrumentation: installation, and calibration of data gathering transducers.
  • Data acquisition: portable acquisition kit capable of recording voltage strain, temperature and pressure inputs/outputs at up to 1024Hz; time linked video to load and deflection measurements.

Read more in our capabilities brochure here.