Composites people

Composite Centre researchers have a wealth of experience across a range of industries to enable us to develop products and processes in the advanced composites field.

Composites team

Key staff include:

  • Richard Scaife has led the AMRC Composite Centre since 2008. He previously held director and general manager positions within technologically innovative manufacturing businesses, focusing on new product introduction and process development.
  • Hannah Tew joined AMRC in 2012. Formerly an R&D manager in the aerospace composite material supply chain Hannah has over 10 years of experience working in industrial R&D.
  • Dr Hassan El-Dessouky, Hassan has over 15 years of experience working in the field of polymer, fibre physics and novel materials for FRP composites applications, and joined AMRC in 2013.
  • Darren Wells, formerly from Advanced Composites Group has over 20 years in industry specialising in manufacturing, automation and composite material development. He joined the AMRC in 2014.
  • Dr Jody Turner joined the AMRC in 2009 having studied and worked previously as a metallurgist. She leads the novel materials and processes stream.
  • Dr Betime Nuhiji has experience in non-conventional curing of composite and nanocomposite materials. She currently leads the microwave curing technology research projects.
  • John Halfpenny has worked in the toolmaking and composite industry for 28 years. His areas of expertise lie in composite machining, tooling/fixture design and CAD/CAM applications.
  • Conrad Sdao, Conrad has over 30 years of experience in composites, mainly in F1 and the motorsport sector. He is the Composites Centre factory manager.
  • Dr Jon Lee joined AMRC in 2006 and has specialised in manufacturing and FE simulation of composite structures over 15 years. He is also leading international collaboration with South Korean composite industries and academia.
  • Dr Matt Smith has experience of the mechanical testing and FE simulation of composite and additive manufactured structures and joined the AMRC in 2014.
  • Davide Melis has experience in composite machining, worked at Sandvik Coromant for more than one year, and joined the AMRC in 2013.
  • Dr. Kevin Kerrigan joined the AMRC after completing a PhD in process monitoring techniques for composite machining applications in 2012. Kevin has spent 8 years in industrial/academic research and now leads the composite machining group within the composite centre.
  • Elaine Arnold has over 7 years’ experience working in composites R&D, collaborating with the major players in the aerospace, automotive, motorsport and marine industries. Her background is in materials engineering and has more recently worked as a programme manager.
  • Andrew Shelton joined the AMRC in 2013. Formerly with Advanced Composites he has 18 years of composite experience in the laminating and fitting roles of composites. He was also was the company trainer and a customer support person for a few years delivering these roles worldwide.
  • Ricky Rowett joined the AMRC in 2007 at 16 straight from school.  He began working in the Factory of the Future as a machinist and CMM apprentice and then moved in to the composites centre and is now a composites technician.
  • Josh Oxley joined the AMRC in 2012 after being a self-employed fibre-glass roofer. He started as a machining apprentice and moved into composites after one year.
  • Connor Bracegirdle is an apprentice trained machinist within the AMRC since July 2011 and moved to composites in May 2014.
  • Alex Shaw started at the AMRC in 2011 as a machining apprentice. He moved to Composites in April 2013 after completing his apprenticeship and where he finished his HNC. He is currently studying towards his HND.
  • Craig Atkins joined the AMRC in 2012 as a recent graduate with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Craig has experience with out-of-autoclave curing, including the Resin Transfer Moulding, and Resin Infusion, methods
  • Richard Smith has over 12 years experience in composites research & development with Vestas Blades and GKN/Rolls Royce CTAL and specialises in composite automation with automated fibre placement and robotic filament winding.
  • John Deverill has experience in all areas of composite technology from concept and design, through to production including project engineering and management. He has worked in a process engineering role in the pre-preg manufacturing sector and his areas of expertise are in the development of novel concepts, fault finding, compression moulding and automotive/aerospace design. John is the lead engineer on EU FP7 automotive light-weighting projects including the design of a novel CFRP electric vehicle chassis, factoring in cost and environmental weightings.
  • Dr Tim Swait leads the advanced curing stream. He completed a PhD in composite micro-mechanics and has worked on composite failure mechanisms and smart materials in addition to advanced curing technologies.
  • Alistair Murray has experience with biocomposites and ballistic impact of soft armours and fibre metal laminates. He now focuses on automated fibre placement and robotic filament winding.
  • Oliver Hayes currently focusses on the machining of CFRP and CFRP/metallic stacks. He joined the AMRC in 2014 after completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, which included a one year placement gaining experience in composite machining at Sandvik Coromant.
  • Zeeshan Qureshi graduated from the University of Leeds with a Masters in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering. He joined AMRC in 2011 and works as a Lead Research Engineer, specialising in Design Optimisation and Analysis of composite structures and automated manufacture of composite parts.

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