Machining equipment

The AMRC Machining Group has an array of advanced machining centres, located in the main workshop of the Factory of the Future.


We have a wide variety of machining centres and supporting technologies, many of which are optimised for specific aerospace applications. Our resources are available for collaborative research and development projects, giving companies the capability to develop innovative and optimised machining processes without losing valuable production time on their own machines.

We count many of the world’s largest and most innovative machine tool developers and tooling manufacturers among our members, giving us access to the latest models and technologies, and allowing us to push the limits of the state of the art.

Our current machining centres include:

  • Hermle C50 – highly flexible five-axis machining centre, capable of a range of cutting operations to high precision.
  • MAG Mega 5 – five-axis horizontal machining centre for high-torque cutting of tough materials or high-speed processing of aluminium.
  • MAG Cincinnati FTV5-2500 – flexible five-axis vertical machining centre capable of working range of metals.
  • MAG Cincinnati H5-800 – flexible five-axis horizontal machining centre for multi-function and high-efficiency processing.
  • Makino A99 – continuous dress five-axis Viper grinding platform.
  • Mori Seiki NMV8000 DCG – five-axis milling, turning and grinding machine, equipped with Renishaw scanning probe technology.
  • Mori Seiki NT6600 DCG – large mill-turn, with world’s largest Y-axis travel (330mm) and over five metres of Z-axis.
  • Mori Seiki NT5400 DCG – five-axis milling and turning machine, equipped with Renishaw scanning probe technology.
  • Mori Seiki NT4250 DCG – five-axis mill-turn-grind centre, integrated into an innovative automated processing cell for aerofoil production.
  • Mori Seiki NVL1350 – two-axis high-precision vertical lathe with milling capability, designed for machining flanged casings.
  • Novator orbital drilling unit – low-torque, air-driven machine capable of producing holes in aluminium and aluminium/composite stacks.
  • Scharmann Ecospeed – high-speed five-axis machining of monolithic aluminium and composite aerostructures, and wet cutting of carbon fibre composites.
  • Starrag STC 1250 – flexible five-axis machine for cutting complex structural components from titanium and other high strength metals.
  • Starrag ZT 1000 – five-axis machining centre with large working envelope, ideal for precision milling of casing components.
  • WFL M100 – large turning-boring-milling centre, capable of machining complex geometries to the highest precision.
  • WardJet GCM – large gantry-style waterjet milling centre with range of advanced features.

Supporting resources include:

  • NC programming and machining simulation, including market-leading software from Siemens PLM, Catia, OpenMind, Delcam, Thirdwave Systems and others.
  • Alicona InfiniteFocus G4 & SL high-resolution 3D scanners.
  • Carl Zeiss and USB toolmaker’s microscopes.
  • Kistler dynamometers.
  • Process measurement systems.
  • XRD residual stress measurement.
  • UltraMARS ultrasonic residual stress measurement.

You can also download our machining capabilities directory, which tells you in detail about our equipment and our teams.