The Design & Prototyping Group applies the latest research to the design process to create a hybrid design methodology, called Storyboard Design. The technique allows designers to overcome critical issues faced in new product development, which include:

  • Avoiding fear of judgement
  • Cognitive Inertia- where familiar assumptions aren’t challenged
  • Production Blocking – the tendency for one individual’s ideas to dominate during a group discussion 
  • Social Loafing – where some people working in a group put in less effort than if they were working on their own

The process also takes account of the availability of equipment to produce low cost prototypes in the early phases of the design, reducing the likelihood of ‘sunk cost thinking’ where investment in what has already been done influences future decisions.

Storyboard design is a fast, clean and efficient way of producing a number of unique ideas that can be incorporated in complete product designs.

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Bell, design strategy manager