The Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) has extensive capability covering both hardware and software, from projection and wearable technology through to augmented reality development platforms and game engines.

As industry pushes further towards realising its digital twin, digital manufacturing, is providing greater availability of, and access to digital assets; there is an opportunity to better utilise this technology to ensure maximum value is created.

We are developing a number of digital, semi-automated assembly capabilities, incorporating augmented reality, virtual reality, ‘Just in Time’ information and intelligent/smart workbenches through fixed, mobile and wearable platforms.

These self-teaching systems supply detailed assembly instructions allowing inexperienced operators to successfully complete complex tasks. More integrated systems simultaneously capture data from intelligent tools and sensors, which is then used to validate processes and ensure traceability. In-line quality checks provide early detection of manufacturing problems and decrease the number of defects at the end of the process.

By tying into manufacturing informatics, such systems are able to deliver increased production rates, improved quality and a reduction in cost across numerous task types including; when a task is too complex, when it involves too much variation, or when it simply would not be cost effective to automate.

We use virtual reality to develop virtual environments to support iterative product design, assembly process design & training, maintenance simulation and remote support. As well as developing components and systems for aerospace and other key industries, we also work on related areas such as factory layout simulation and optimisation.

We are looking at forging key strategic partners to realise the goals of Factory 2050. Developing relationships at both a community and application level are vital in order to understand and react to industries short and long term goals.

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