The Emerging Machining Technology team performs research in developing and proving out novel machining technologies that can be applied in industrial environments.

The focus of the team is to investigate the feasibility of technologies that have the potential to provide a step change over existing processes in terms of performance and quality. The main technology research themes currently are:

  • Hybrid (additive and subtractive) Machining
  • Cryogenic Machining
  • Ultrasonic machining

Key resources include:

  • DMG Lasertec 65 3D Ultrasonic machining centre
  • Starrag LX 051 cryogenic machining centre
  • Photron Fastcam UX100 High speed camera

Awarded R&D funding:

  • AMRC board funding of above £200k working on technology roadmap projects
  • Interrupted Hybrid Manufacture. Collaborative R&D total project value £2.2M.

For more information, please contact:

Dr Nikolaos Tapoglou, Technical Lead – Emerging Machining Technologies