The AMRC’s Gear Engineering and Research (GEAR) Centre is a new group within AMRC Machining, started in January 2015.

We are bringing AMRC’s fundamental research model to a new platform and new industries.

Whilst belonging to the Machining Group, we aim to be a centre-point for collaborative projects on gear and
transmission research. Our initial focus is on flexible and novel machining methods as well as surface finishing,
treatment and characterisation for gears, splines and transmission components.

AMRC GEAR Centre core process competencies:

• Gear machining on multifunctional machines
• Done-in-one gear manufacture
• Generative gear milling
• Form gear milling
• Single point broaching
• Power skiving
• Multi-functional grinding
• Multi-functional inspection

AMRC aspirations for future state of gear manufacture:

• Utilising multifunctional machines in a single setup for efficient gear production
• Flexibility in manufacturing process for a range of volumes
• Design freedom with flexible manufacturing methods
• Configurable manufacturing processes for operation roll-up and added value
• Gear performance evolving rapidly to embrace opportunities offered by new manufacturing and material technologies
• UK sector bolstered through innovation