The continuing drive for more fuel efficient aircraft has led to manufacturing tolerances becoming tighter and the introduction of weight saving materials whose properties are more unpredictable.

This has put increased emphasis on the importance of metrology and IMG is working closely with AMRC partners to ensure they are at the cutting edge in the field.

Metrology has been of paramount importance in flagship projects to build aircraft with high composite contents, such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350.

Using in-process measurement and integrated metrology machinery makes it easier to assemble these flexible structures from components that have come from many locations across the world.

Our large-volume metrology resources include:

  • Leica AT401 laser tracker. 
  • Leica AT901 Laser tracker with T-CAM, T-MAC and T-Probe.
  • API T3 laser tracker.
  • Nikon K-Cam optical CMM system with adaptive robot control.
  • Nikon laser radar.
  • Nikon indoor GPS.
  • Automated Dantec NDT.

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