The Machining Dynamics Group performs research and develops digital twins to predict, diagnose, and control machining vibrations and implement these technologies on industrial applications.

We focus on the following essential research strands:

Predictive models – Development of offline physics based process models and software for milling, turning, drilling, turn-milling, parallel machining, power skiving, etc. to enable feasible and stable machining parameter selection. Development of online predictive models for model based control.

Spindle dynamics – Design, development, and implementation for mechatronics systems to measure and monitor non-linear spindle behaviour. Development of analytical and numerical models to predict the non-linearity.

Workpiece dynamics – Identification of varying dynamics of workpieces during machining using experimental and simulation (FEA) based techniques.

Robotic assisted machining – Modelling and controlfor robotic machining. Research on synchronised used of  robots inmachine tools for assisted machining.

Work-holding and Automation – Research and development of novel fixturing methodology for part dampening, distortion control, volumetric accuracy.

Vibration control – Research and development of active andpassive vibration control techniques.

Other research strands include composite machining (in collaboration with Composite Centre) and micro machining.

We have a range of specialised equipment and software packages:

Research Platforms

• Robotic machining cell (ABB 6640 robot with 30,000rpm GMN spindle)
• Staubli robots (TX 90 & TX 200)
• Spindle test rig with a 24,000rpm IBAG spindle
• Mecos Active Magnetic Bearing based spindle/tool excitation system


• Impact testing (Cutpro, Metalmax TXF)
• Process simulation & optimisation (Metalmax TXF, Cutpro, MachPro, Vericut Force)
• Data acquisition & analysis (MATLAB, Labview)
• Programming (MATLAB/Simulink, VB .Net)
• Internally developed process models

Measurement hardware

• Tap test kits
• Automated rotating spindle dynamics response measurement system (in house development)
• IBS Spindle Error Analyser
• Force dynamometers (Kistler plate and ProMicron Spike rotating types)
• Non-contact displacement sensors (Keyence, Micro-Epsilon, Lion Precision)
• Laser vibrometer (Polytec)
• Piezoelectric strain gauges & patches

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