The Machining dynamic team performs research and develops methods to predict, diagnose and control machining vibrations and applies these results on industrial applications.

Machining Dynamics Group performs research in the following areas:

  • Predictive Models
  • Spindle Dynamics
  • Workpiece Dynamics
  • Vibration Control
  • Robotic Machining and Robotic Assisted Milling
  • Composite Milling
  • Micro milling

Recent projects include developing process models for the dynamics of parallel machining; surface roughness predictions for milling; and a set-up for rotating frequency response function measurements. We also employ commercial solutions where they are available.

Machining Dynamics Group provides services in the following areas:

  • Process Optimisation - The Group applies its expertise in optimisation of the machining processes of companies for reduced cycle time and increased quality.
  • Benchmarking - The group objectively benchmarks the available technologies for a given machining requirement for the benefit of the customer.
  • Training - The group delivers in internal and external training in machining dynamics area. The trainings cover tap testing and mechanics and dynamics of machining processes.


Research platforms:

Kern Evo micro milling machine

  • Test spindle with maximum speed of 30,000 rpm
  • Robotic machining cell with ABB 6640 robot
  • Variety of machine tools

Measurement hardware:

  • Tap test kits for experimental modal analysis (Metalmax, Cutpro)
  • Set-up for measurement of tool FRF in rotating conditions
  • Kistler force dynamometers (lathe, drilling dynamometers, several table type dynamometers)
  • Kistler load cell for micro milling
  • Laser displacement sensor (Microepsilon)
  • Laser vibrometer (Polytec)
  • Variety of accelerometers
  • Variety of microphones
  • NI Data Acquisition Systems
  • Piezoelectric patches for shunt damping applications
  • Capacitive displacement sensors (Lion Precision)
  • Spindle Analyser (Lion Precision)


Tap testing

  • Metalmax TXF, Cutpro Process simulation
  • Metalmax TXF, Cutpro for basic machining process simulations
  • In house developed codes for complex processes such as 5-axis milling, parallel machining 

Tool path optimisation

  • Machpro
  • Vericut Optipath
  • Thirdwave Production Module
  • Machining Studio

Data Acquisition

  • Labview
  • Matlab


  • NX
  • Catia

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Erdem Ozturk, Senior Technical Fellow-Machining Dynamics