Manufacturing informatics is a part of the wider AMRC digital manufacturing thread, encompassing the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and data-driven manufacturing technologies.

The Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) is working with a large number of digital manufacturing technologies which will improve production rates and performance, quality standards and traceability; along with improved production knowledge and operator working experience.

The aim behind manufacturing informatics is to use accurate live captured data to optimise and self-configure a multi-variable production environment.

Information such as asset location, environmental data and process data can be fused together to feed an enriched passport of information associated with individual parts. Progress of production can be visualised in real time from anywhere where a user has internet connectivity, and across any number of devices and formats.

Systems being developed to enable smarter manufacturing can simultaneously capture data from intelligent tools and sensors which is used to validate processes and ensure traceability; while inline quality checks highlight manufacturing problems and decrease costly mistakes at the end of the process.

A major element of manufacturing informatics is providing the right digital production information at the right time, to the right person and in the right format for their needs. Data access levels, security and privacy concerns are also a major element to any systems or device being configured within our digital manufacturing architecture.

With support from industry leaders, we have defined a digital framework and network architecture which is flexible and configurable to meet the needs of any project. It takes low level connected devices and controllers connected to other devices and data warehouses, to a level where applications can collect real-time data for visualisation purposes or to make critical business decisions autonomously.

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