IMG specialises in developing robotic systems for low-volume, high value markets like aerospace, where robots have to carry out significantly more complex and variable tasks with greater accuracy.

IMG uses a diverse collection of robots and automation equipment from the world’s most advanced suppliers, including KUKA, ABB, Mitsubishi, Güdel and Siemens.

Systems have been developed to utilise a robot’s flexibility and allow robotics cells to perform multiple tasks, including machining, drilling, sealant application, robotic fixturing and assembly. Often projects require robotic equipment to be improved through the use of metrology equipment to achieve the accuracies required, this is especially important in the aerospace industry where tolerances tend to be tight.   

IMG is also working with a range of ‘cobots’, these are robots that can be used safely to work alongside human operators. Such robots are becoming widely available from a range of manufacturers but few have yet to reach production environments. IMG is working alongside manufacturers and partner companies to highlight areas where cobots can be used to improve production across a range of industries. 

The use of automated guided vehicles (AGV) is not a new concept but IMG is also working towards developing new control techniques to improve the flexibility of such machines. As a result of these new mapping techniques AGVs can be used to perform tasks, such a line side tending, more efficiently and safely. 

Robotic machining is another area where IMG are working towards improving current techniques and ideas, completing a number of composite machining projects for both the aerospace and automotive companies. The installation of a new KUKA Titan KR1000 - L750 robotic arm has led to the development of metallic machining using robots. The intention being that large scale robots can be used to perform rough machining tasks prior to the utilisation of costly machine tools for finishing activities.     

Equipment includes:

  • KUKA industrial robots, ranging from the KR16 to the KR1000 – LR750, with payload capabilities of 16-750kg.
  • ABB industrial robots, ranging from the IRB 120 to the IRB 6700, with payload capabilities of 3-225kg.
  • Güdel gantries, with working areas of 12x6m and 3x3m.
  • A range of Siemens hardware including an 840D CNC controller and S7 PLCs.

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