Structural parts for aerospace present major manufacturing challenges, thanks to the complex nature of their geometries.

Aerostructures and landing gear components play a crucial role in all aircraft. Given the role that these components play on an aircraft, they are made from some of the most advanced materials available on the market today; from nickel alloys and titanium to high grade aluminium.

To ensure the production of these materials remains efficient and cost effective on a continued basis, the continued development of skillful manufacturing processes is required. To ensure our partners achieve the desired efficiency and robustness, along with aiding in the development of new and novel processes, the team employs best practice process methodology and tooling selection that is refined on a regular basis. We build and manipulate complex cutter paths and unique work holding solutions to demonstrate improved manufacturing processes and develop them to production readiness in line with partner deadlines and requirements.

Key research areas include but are not limited to:

• New and novel manufacturing solutions surrounding structural and landing gear components
• The development of damped and rigid work holding for mill turn platforms
• Complete process review of large aluminium rib components with the intent of providing a step change in part manufacture
• Method of manufacture development for actuation components

Key Resources:

• Scharmann Ecospeed high-speed five-axis machine
• Starrag STC 1250 horizontal machining centre

Along with the above, the team has access to a worldleading selection of mill-turn machining centres within the AMRC Factory of the Future along with a range of other machine tool configurations, including those available at the NAMRC, such as the Soraluce FX12000. Access to this equipment has allowed us to demonstrate optimised manufacturing on alternative and nonstandard machining platforms.

For more information, please contact: 

Dan Smith