The AMRC North West Batteries and Automation team are aiding SMEs that are interested in batteries/energy storage, automation and their applications.

Batteries and automation could save your business money by eliminating costly errors and streamlining your processes to help employees complete them more efficiently. 

Our Batteries and Automation team are offering 12 hour ERDF-funded assists to Lancashire-based SMEs who are considering implementing these technologies within their business, or who are interested in learning more about its applications.

We can help your business in the following areas:

Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

  • Cobot selection
  • Tooling selection
  • Health and safety
  • Automation concept (for example machine tending concept design)

Battery/Energy Storage

  • Electrical system requirement capture
  • Use case modelling
  • Pack configuration optimisation
  • Electrical energy storage options
  • Battery chemistry selection

Continuous Improvement

  • Value stream mapping
  • Factory layout and cell design
  • Process mapping
  • KPI investigation
  • Funding opportunities


  • Getting started with computer aided design (CAD)
  • Viewing computer aided design in virtual reality
  • Discrete event simulation suitability check