The AMRC North West Digital Team are aiding SMEs considering, or currently transitioning to Industry 4.0.

Data is currently the most valuable asset a company can possess, however, not every company has the ability to collect, monitor and analyse it.

Our Digital Team are offering 12-hour ERDF funded assistance to companies who are considering the move to a more data driven manufacturing process.

Through our work with over 100 SMEs throughout Lancashire, we have pinpointed common digital pain points and can work with you on these to help drive improvements in productivity, performance and quality.

Job Tracking

  • Monitor jobs from start to finish.
  • Pinpoint any bottlenecks in production, quickly and easily.
  • Locate a job on the factory floor with ease.

Asset Management

  • Up to 15 minutes per person, per day is wasted searching for lost tools or parts.
  • Using RFID, quickly locate parts on the Shopfloor, within 1.5 meters.
  • Restrict access to non-essential personnel (Visitors, Contractors).

Machine Monitoring

  • How will machine monitoring benefit my company?
  • Gather data from machines and monitor OEE.
  • Make informed purchasing decisions.

Embedded Systems

  • Retrofit legacy machines with sensors, creating a bespoke monitoring system for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.
  • Replace old, outdated systems with smaller, single board computers as a cost effective method of upgrading a system.

Data Analytics

  • How can data benefit my company?
  • Can I gather data with the equipment I currently use?
  • Isn’t gathering and analysing data expensive?

SME Benefits

This platform provides SMEs with an easy introduction into data and how it can benefit the company, what costs are to be expected, what method of approach is best and what barriers can be expected through implementation.