The AMRC North West Machining team are aiding SMEs that are interested in improving machining performance.

We can help companies to develop techniques which deliver significant improvements in machining performance and span.

Our machining team are offering 12 hour ERDF-funded assists to Lancashire-based SMEs who are looking to improve machining performance within their business, or who are interested in learning more about its applications.

We can help your business in the following areas:

Machining Dynamics Assessment

Chatter suppression and process optimisation using tap testing techniques to achieve maximum material removal rates for your machining processes.

Optimised Machining Tooling

Assistance with geometry, tooling material and parameters for your application. Help identifying toolwear, considering optimal tool holding solutions, and presenting best tooling options in the marketplace.

Machining CAM Strategy

Advice on down selecting suitable CAD/CAM software. Development or optimization of CAD/CAM models. Optimal machining strategy development.

Digital Integration in Machining

Development of machine tool condition monitoring and signal processing solutions. Advice on productivity monitoring software.

Cutting Fluid Selection

Help choosing the optimal fluid for your process through the AMRC’s extensive partnership, and advice for managing coolant and health and safety considerations.