The AMRC with Boeing operates from two purpose-built, factory-scale research facilities on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire.

Our landmark Rolls-Royce Factory of the Future building is a 6400 sq m facility including workshop, laboratory, office and conference space. The building was opened in 2008 with funding from ERDF and industrial partners, and extended in 2012.

The main open-plan workshop is focused on machining research, housing an array of state-of-the-art machining centres and other manufacturing equipment – see the research group pages for more detail. The workshop is designed to allow partner companies to develop and trial new technologies and processes before introducing them to their own factories.

The AMRC Composite Centre is based in an 1800 sq m extension to the original Factory of the Future, housing a general workshop and a controlled environment including high-spec clean rooms.

The Factory of the Future was designed by Bond Bryan Architects to high BREEAM environmental quality standards. The building is designed to make maximum use of natural lighting, heating and ventilation, and features significant renewable energy capabilities including ground source heat pumps and wind turbines.

The AMRC Design Prototyping and Testing Centre is a radical expansion of the original AMRC building, which opened in 2004 as the anchor tenant of the Advanced Manufacturing Park.

The extended building is home to our Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC) and the new Design & Prototyping Group. Existing testing equipment in the building is being complemented by new rapid prototyping and stuctural testing facilities, creating a manufacturing design resource capability far beyond anything previously available in the UK.

The AMRC Design Prototyping and Testing Centre is funded by ERDF and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

We are currently building a new landmark facility, AMRC Factory 2050.

Factory 2050 will be the UK’s first fully reconfigurable assembly and component manufacturing facility for collaborative research, capable of rapidly switching production between different high-value components and one-off parts.

The creation of the new facility is supported by a £10 million grant from the Research Partnership Investment Fund, managed by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

AMRC Factory 2050 will combine technologies including advanced robotics, flexible automation, unmanned workspace, off-line programming in virtual environments linked to plug-and-play robotics, 3D printing from flexible automated systems, man-machine interfaces, and new programming and training tools. The building will have an area of around 6,730 sq m, and will be constructed largely from glass, to showcase the advanced manufacturing technologies being developed within. It will house around 75 AMRC staff plus visiting staff from our partner companies.

Factory 2050 aims to anchor a new wave of advanced manufacturing development on the Sheffield Business Park, around half a mile from the Advanced Manufacturing Park which is now reaching the limits of its available land.

The AMRC are hosting an international conference about Factory 2050 on the 25th March.  The Factory 2050 conference will focus on the technologies and systems which will feature in Factory 2050 . The programme will include presentations from academics and industrial end users, exhibitions and demonstrations, as well as networking opportunities.