At the AMRC, we’re experts in manufacturing, and we’re used to working across multiple sectors. But in the complicated area of net zero, where a well-intentioned decision in one area can have unintended effects in another, we realised we needed to bring in an expert.

That expert is Mike Berners-Lee — a leading researcher on how to respond to the climate crisis, well known for books such as There Is No Planet B. We commissioned his company Small World Consulting to prepare a report on the AMRC so we could understand how ready we are to move to net zero.

Their work covered every aspect of our business, and assessed us in eight different areas, from emissions to communications.

They then produced a report that painted a comprehensive picture of where we are now, and what we need to do next. You can read about their findings in more detail on our chief executive officer Steve Foxley’s blog.

We used their report to create our action plan. In a subsequent review, Small World Consulting said we had moved forward significantly, thanks in part to our carbon audit. We received a rating of ‘excellent’.

Working with Small World Consulting has been a great learning experience for the AMRC. It raised interesting questions and led us to look at sustainability in the round — not just the hard numbers, but the moral and ethical implications too.

We will be undertaking another review with them in the near future, this time aiming for a ‘world-leading’ rating.

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