As a world-leading research centre, we need to be at the forefront of the global race for sustainability.

By leading from the front, we can support manufacturers to combat the climate emergency and transition to a sustainable future.

As part of the University of Sheffield, we are part of the university’s wider approach to achieving net zero. But we also have our own plan to increase our sustainability — and help manufacturing companies of all sizes start their own journey to decarbonisation.

To achieve sustainability in an organisation, you need to change the culture. It’s about getting people throughout the company to ask the right questions and change their behaviour.

After being independently assessed and audited by Small World Consulting and the Carbon Trust, we created an action plan to achieve this culture change and set us on the path to net zero.

We have also created a simplified guide to help manufacturers start the conversation about sustainability in their own organisations.

See our action plan in more detail.

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