At the AMRC we conduct over 600 projects a year with industrial partners, across multiple sectors. We want to make sure that every one of these projects had a positive impact on the national effort to get to net zero.

We worked with Small World Consulting to develop a sustainability accounting tool. We use this to measure every new project before we commit to taking it on. Through a series of questions and calculations, the tool produces a sustainability score, from -100 to +100.

We have rolled this tool out across our organisation, training our staff on how to use it. Taken together, the information produced by the tool gives us an unprecedented holistic view of the impact we are having on carbon emissions across everything we do.

It also means that if a project scores poorly, we will sit down with that industrial partner and look again at how best to conduct it so it can be made more sustainable. And in some cases, it will mean we have to turn down projects if they don’t meet our criteria.

With this comprehensive accountability, we are leading the manufacturing sector. We will continue to refine and reiterate the tool to ensure that whatever we are working on, we are always working towards net zero.

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