The AMRC identifies, researches and resolves advanced manufacturing problems in a number of key technology areas.

R&D topics are determined by the board of industrial partners. This ensures that work is focused on industrial commercial requirements, and provides lasting value to members.

Our resources are open to all manufacturing businesses – you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of our world-leading capabilities and expertise. And while our focus is on aerospace manufacturing, we have worked in a wide range of sectors including automotive, marine, rail, medical technology, food processing, energy and construction.

Researchers work with individual companies on specific projects, and collaborate on generic projects for the benefit of all members. Our researchers are organised into several core groups, plus support services.

High-performance machining research is at the heart of the AMRC’s work. The AMRC Machining Group focuses on producing parts within a machining system in the shortest time possible, without compromising the structural or surface integrity of the component. By using dynamic analysis and other techniques to reduce chatter and avoid other problems, the Machining Group can typically improve a machine tool’s efficiency by around 40 percent.

The AMRC Integrated Manufacturing Group specialises in solving problems in low-volume, high-value assembly and difficult-to-handle components. Key areas include large-product metrology; vision and inspection systems; smart tooling; and automated part recognition and tooling.

Composite materials
The AMRC Composite Centre is dedicated to developing manufacturing technology for fibre reinforced plastics. Key areas include the design and manufacture of hybrid structures, particularly titanium/composite; out-of-autoclave processing technology; and automated fibre placement.

Structural testing
The AMRC’s Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC) provides testing and certification services for components and assemblies. It ensures that parts produced by innovative methods can demonstrably meet industry standards.

The new AMRC Design and Prototyping Group addressing the severe shortage of exceptional engineering designers and helps UK manufacturers develop innovative high-value products.

Research support
The AMRC’s core research groups are supported by teams providing specialist expertise across a wide range of projects. Support services include microscopy, metrology, quality services, virtual simulation and modelling, and project management for large collaborative research programmes.

The AMRC rarely, if ever, conducts research that involves human participants, personal data, or human tissue, however, if that does happen, the research will require ethics approval before the research commences. This applies to all staff and students at any level who undertake research activities, as well as to research activities taking place on University premises.

The details of how to obtain ethics approval, and the considerations that need to be made when undertaking this kind of research, are set out in the University’s Ethics Policy Governing Research Involving Human Participants, Personal Data and Human Tissue, which can be found (along with supporting guidance) on the ethics and integrity webpages:

For any questions regarding AMRC Ethics, please make contact with Chris Iveson on 0114 2158003