Assembly (IMG)

The AMRC Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) are driving world-class reconfigurable manufacturing technology

IMG works with industrial and academic partners to bring together advanced technologies, such as robotics, augmented reality and large-volume metrology, to develop innovative, integrated systems that ensure complex structures are assembled perfectly, first time and every time.

IMG capability report

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The Group’s new home is Factory 2050, the world’s first totally ‘reconfigurable factory’ research facility. The £43 million facility addresses the rising need for high variation and mass customisation manufacturing.

Factory 2050 will respond to requests for new products to be manufactured by optimising its own operations, using ‘Big Data’ technology to process large volumes of information, collected from sensors on each machine.

For details of our technology research themes and equipment capabilities, please download our IMG capability brochure.

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Our main research themes are:

Ben Morgan, Head of IMG

Ben joined the AMRC in 2008 and has worked on a range of projects for the AMRC’s major industrial
partners. He has been the technical lead and project manager for the majority of IMG’s robotics projects, and led work for BAE Systems and Airbus.

Contact details:
0114 222 7654