Design and prototyping

The AMRC Design & Prototyping Group undertakes novel high-risk research to help UK manufacturers deliver the next generation of innovative, high-value products.

The Design & Prototyping Group is the winner of the UK Space Propulsion Innovation Award in 2015 and home to the world’s first fused deposition modelled (FDM) ABS flying wing.AMRC UAVs 2

Our facility at the AMRC acts as a sand box for collaboration and innovation between industry and academic partners. Taking ownership of high-value projects and developments, we provide our customers with everything from concept designs and working drawings, to fully functional pre-production prototypes or research instrumentation.

Our team of multidisciplinary design engineers have a passion for creating innovative design solutions. As a centre of excellence in engineering design, we have provided autonomous delivery devices, precision drilling machinery and composite-forming machinery.

We are currently developing the world’s first large-volume high speed sintering machine. The machine will be capable of building parts up to three times larger and 100 times faster than current additive manufacturing machines. Ready for spring 2017, the machine has the potential to challenge conventional injection moulding for high volume production.

By developing designs to meet the requirements of the manufacturing process, we can offer significant cost and weight savings, creating opportunities that enable our customers to keep their competitive edge.

For example, by optimising the designs for additive manufacturing processes the team managed to reduce the build time of the ABS flying wing by 85 per cent. The team have also improved process performance and functionality with our confined space drill, which allows for the previously impossible drilling of composite stacks in confined spaces, by the novel application of a miniaturised gearbox.

We adopt a collaborative approach to delivering projects, ensuring our knowledge is shared with you to build upon the success of the project after completion.

DPG research investigates design for the next generation of engineered products, with major themes including:

    • Transforming design process philosophies
    • Transforming design process tools
    • Direct design for ALM
    • Direct design for fabrication

For more information about areas of research and projects the Design & Prototype Group has undertaken, please view our:

Recent testimonial

“Sometimes, having the technology is just not enough, it needs to be integrated into a complete solution for manufacturing that can survive in a production environment. Working with the AMRC Design & Prototyping Group, we have been able to share a manufacturing challenge, and then allow the team the scope to design and develop a solution with only a ‘light touch’ from Airbus. Not only was a solution demonstrated that fulfilled the requirement but, in this instance, was delivered fully packaged with all the supporting tooling that would enable any operator to deploy immediately when required. AMRC Design & Prototyping Group: Delivering beyond expectation.”

Colin Sirett, Head of Research & Technology, Airbus in the UK.

For more information, contact:
Craig Roberts
, head of design & prototyping group