Design and prototyping

The AMRC Design & Prototyping Group provides engineering design and prototyping expertise to help UK manufacturers develop innovative high-value products.

The AMRC Design & Prototyping Group was created in 2012 to address a severe shortage of exceptional engineering designers. The UK has a rich heritage of industrial design, but top-tier manufacturers and suppliers alike are struggling to secure the design expertise they need to bring new products and components to market.

AMRC UAVs 2In high-value manufacturing sectors such as aerospace, energy, motorsport and medical technology, designers need to work closely with their R&D, prototyping and testing centres if they are to perfect their designs through a series of intense product development cycles.

By integrating a world-class design team with the manufacturing and research expertise of its established groups, the AMRC is creating a manufacturing design resource capability far beyond anything previously available in the UK.

The AMRC Design & Prototyping Group is:

  • Developing a UK centre of excellence in engineering design and prototyping.
  • Building a multi-disciplinary team of exceptional design engineers.
  • Ready to produce anything from concept designs through to full-scale pre-production prototypes.
  • Drawing on the expertise of the AMRC group to exploit state-of-the-art visualisation and rapid prototyping equipment.

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For more information, contact:
Craig Roberts
, head of design & prototyping group

The Design & Prototyping Group is based in the new AMRC Design Prototyping and Testing Centre, a major expansion of the original AMRC facility funded by ERDF and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.