Design and prototyping

The AMRC Design & Prototyping Group provides engineering design and prototyping expertise to help UK manufacturers develop innovative high-value products.

The AMRC Design & Prototyping Group was created in 2012 to address a severe shortage of exceptional engineering designers. The UK has a rich heritage of industrial design, but top-tier manufacturers and suppliers alike are struggling to secure the design expertise they need to bring new products and components to market.

AMRC UAVs 2In high-value manufacturing sectors such as aerospace, energy, motorsport and medical technology, designers need to work closely with their R&D, prototyping and testing centres if they are to perfect their designs through a series of intense product development cycles.

By integrating a world-class design team with the manufacturing and research expertise of its established groups, the AMRC is creating a manufacturing design resource capability far beyond anything previously available in the UK.

The AMRC Design & Prototyping Group is:

  • Developing a UK centre of excellence in engineering design and prototyping.
  • Building a multi-disciplinary team of exceptional design engineers.
  • Ready to produce anything from concept designs through to full-scale pre-production prototypes.
  • Drawing on the expertise of the AMRC group to exploit state-of-the-art visualisation and rapid prototyping equipment.

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Recent testimonial

“Sometimes, having the technology is just not enough, it needs to be integrated into a complete solution for manufacturing that can survive in a production environment. Working with the AMRC Design & Prototyping Group, we have been able to share a manufacturing challenge, and then allow the team the scope to design and develop a solution with only a ‘light touch’ from Airbus. Not only was a solution demonstrated that fulfilled the requirement but, in this instance, was delivered fully packaged with all the supporting tooling that would enable any operator to deploy immediately when required. AMRC Design & Prototyping Group: Delivering beyond expectation.”

Colin Sirett, Head of Research & Technology, Airbus in the UK.

For more information, contact:
Craig Roberts
, head of design & prototyping group

The Design & Prototyping Group is based in the new AMRC Design Prototyping and Testing Centre, a major expansion of the original AMRC facility funded by ERDF and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.