European projects

The AMRC leads and participates in numerous pan-European collaborative research projects.


Our European projects team are responsible for managing research projects which are funded under Horizon 2020 and the earlier Framework Programmes, and preparing bids for new research funding.

The European Commission’s new Horizon 2020 programme began in 2014. This gives us new opportunities to work in closer collaboration with industry and increase our focus on green manufacturing.

We are currently involved in several ongoing projects funded by the European Commission.

Projects are based on collaborative research involving the AMRC, industrial partners, and other research institutions and companies across Europe, and typically run for three to four years.

The European projects team helps AMRC staff develop ideas and prepare proposals for funding applications. They also help manage the administration of successful proposals, and dissemination of results.

Current projects led by the AMRC:

  • Reform – Resource-efficient factory of recyclable manufacturing for composite components. Our work includes developing innovative waterjet machining techniques and augmented-reality systems for composites production.
  • MMTECH – New aerospace advanced cost effective materials and rapid manufacturing technologies. The AMRC is coordinating the project and will be developing and optimising additive manufacturing systems for titanium gamma aluminides.

Previous projects led by the AMRC:

  • Rapolac – Rapid production of large aerospace components. We led development of a prototype shaped metal deposition (SMD) production cell, and carried out material analysis. Read the case study or see the project video on YouTube.
  • Affix – Aligning, holding and fixing flexible and difficult to handle components. We investigated a range of automated assembly systems based on the real-life problems of industrial partners. Read a case study or see the project video on YouTube.
  • Copernico – Cooperation environment for rapid design, prototyping and new integration concepts for the factory of the future. The AMRC is developing a cladistic system for understanding company requirements, and working with industrial partners on factory design. See the project video on YouTube.

The AMRC is also a partner in other ongoing and completed European collaborative projects including:

  • Eneplan – Energy efficient process planning system. We are developing intelligent systems to make sure that machining processes are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Read a case study.
  • Evolution – Electric vehicle revolution. We are designing, analysing and manufacturing lightweight components from advanced materials, to improve the whole-life environmental performance of electric vehicles.
  • Smart-E – a Marie Curie training network preparing the next generation of advanced roboticists to develop technologies for sustainable manufacturing. We are responsible developing the training programme, and investigating real-time monitoring of swarm cells.
  • FOCUS – Bringing together different clusters of FoF projects to enhance their impact and creating a method for successful clustering. We are involved through through the REFORM ( project as part of the clean manufacturing cluster.
  • Twin-Control – An alliance of eleven European partners that aims to design a new concept for machine tool and machining process simulation.

For more information, please contact:
Dr Rosemary Gault, European projects manager