Research partners

The AMRC has strong links with other centres of manufacturing research excellence across the UK and globally.

High Value Manufacturing Catapult

The AMRC with Boeing is just part of the UK High Value Manufacturing Catapult, a consortium of seven established manufacturing and process research centres, backed by the Technology Strategy Board.

This allows us to tap into a national network of manufacturing research excellence – if a particular technology falls outside our areas of expertise, we can call on our Catapult partners for the support you need.

The other centres within the HVM Catapult are:

  • Advanced Forming Research Centre – Based at the University of Strathclyde, the AFRC focuses on the forming and forging of metals, with associated materials characterisation and process modelling.
  • Centre for Process Innovation – based in Teesside, CPI focuses on industrial biotechnology, printable electronics, thermal technologies, smart chemistry and other process industry innovations.
  • Manufacturing Technology Centre – Operated by TWI and the Universities of Nottingham, Birmingham and Loughborough, the MTC develops new technologies in joining, automation, fixturing, and near-net manufacture.
  • National Composites Centre – Managed by the University of Bristol, the NCC focuses on composites design, high-speed fibre placement, resin development and fibre weave development.
  • Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre – Managed by the University of Sheffield, and based alongside the AMRC with Boeing, the Nuclear AMRC focuses on large-scale machining and joining for the energy sector.
  • Warwick Manufacturing Group – with a history of over 30 years of collaborative industry research, WMG specialises in low-carbon mobility, lightweight technologies, and energy storage and Management.

Boeing GlobalNet

We are part of Boeing‘s GlobalNet group of industrially-focused research centres. Other members are: