The University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing identifies, researches and resolves advanced manufacturing problems.

The AMRC with Boeing is dedicated to working with manufacturing businesses, from global aerospace giants to local SMEs. Businesses can work with us on a one-off project, or join us as a member for long-term collaboration.

F2050 eventWe have over 90 member companies which pay an annual fee to access our resources and expertise, and which help determine our research programme – membership is open to all. Boeing is our founding partner and continues to play a key role in our continuing development.

We also work with many other companies and institutions on individual research and business support projects.

In March 2011, the AMRC with Boeing became part of the first of a new generation of government-backed Technology Innovation Centres, later branded as the Catapults. The High Value Manufacturing Catapult is now a thriving alliance of seven leading manufacturing R&D centres backed by Innovate UK. Another nine Catapults are addressing other key technology areas.

We have five core research groups, underpinned by shared research support. Our core research areas are:

Research projects fall into three categories:

  • Generic research carried out on behalf of the AMRC partnership, with results distributed to all members. Generic projects are agreed by the board of members, and results are shared between all members.
  • Specific research for individual companies. The company invests directly in the research and has exclusive access to any resulting intellectual property.
  • Innovative projects into technologies and processes at earlier stage of development. These projects are usually funded by EPSRC, the Technology Strategy Board, European Commission or other external body, and may involve collaboration with external research and industrial partners.

The AMRC with Boeing now employs around 500 highly qualified researchers and engineers from around the globe, in two purpose-built centres on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in South Yorkshire. The University of Sheffield AMRC group also includes our sister centre, the Nuclear AMRC; the AMRC Training Centre; Castings Technology International (CTI); Namtec, the National Metals Technology Centre; and the AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre. We are supported by the European Regional Development Fund.