The AMRC rotatives team focuses on techniques and tools for machining discs, rings and shafts mainly for the aerospace industry.

These components play a significant role in the efficiency of gas turbines, and can present major challenges for machining and inspection. With over a decade’s experience of solving manufacturing challenges across a range of aerospace components, the rotatives team aims to develop high-performance manufacturing strategies for new disc, ring and shaft components. The team has a track record of delivering solutions to industry partners in terms of development of worldclass methods of manufacture for high precision new products, and improvement of existing methods – Right-First-Time rate increase, cycle time and number of operations reduction – all the way through to implementation into our partners’ facilities with on-site support.

Key machining resources include:

• WFL M100 turning-boring-milling centre
• DMG Mori NMV8000 five-axismill-turn-grind machine
• DMG Mori NT5400 five-axis mill-turn
• Hermle C52 five-axis mill-turn
• WFL M30 turning-boring-milling centre

Key areas of current research include:

• New Method of Manufacture development
• Distortion compensation
• Fixturing design
• Feature-specific tooling
• Tool path strategies
• Measurement strategies
• New materials
• Swarf control
• Novel tooling applications

We also lead specific research on critical features to increase metal removal rate, develop processes for new alloys, and create tooling solutions for complex part geometries.

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