At the AMRC, we conduct high-value, groundbreaking research based on the needs of the UK manufacturing industry.

Commercialisation offers a way for companies of all sizes to tap into this research, and use it to take their business to the next level. This can take the form of licensing a particular piece of intellectual property to your business, or even forming a joint spinout company with our researchers.


We conduct research across so many sectors that if you have a challenge, there’s a good chance we’ve already worked on it. 

This means we can provide you with an off-the-shelf solution that’s tried and tested, benchmarked against industry standards, and significantly reduce the risk, time and cost of developing a new product.

Licensing our work also adds value to your business. The AMRC has a long-established reputation for excellence in the industry, so being able to demonstrate your link with us will appeal to potential investors. We can also introduce you to our network of investors interested in high-growth, early-stage companies.

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In some cases we form spinout companies from our research, filling gaps in the supply chain and bringing jobs and investment to our region. Recent successes include milling process optimisers Productive Machines and manufacturing analytics software company FourJaw. The universities of Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester also launched Northern Gritstonean investment company to help boost the commercialisation of university spinouts and start-ups in the North of England.  

Across the University of Sheffield, we have created 42 spinouts to date, adding more than 80 jobs and bringing £29m to the Sheffield City Region.

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Due to our unique mix of university research and industry knowledge, you can be sure our work has been through a robust and commercially-minded process.

We provide our researchers and would-be founders with a structured programme of training, mentoring and resources, in order to successfully translate their innovations into a commercially available solution.

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