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Latest issue: AMRC Journal Issue 17
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In this issue: We delve into the three D's: data, digital, and decarbonisation, reshaping Industry 4.0. UK manufacturers are actively investing in digital tools to cut emissions and boost productivity, according to the Digitalise to Decarbonise report. Although early adopters see cost reductions and efficiency gains, smaller companies face barriers, like skills shortages. The AMRC's SME engagement manager, Shirley Harrison, highlights the importance of tailored support for SMEs to innovate and grow.

The journal also spotlights COMPASS, a game-changing AMRC research programme in automated large-scale composite component manufacturing. It tackles precision challenges akin to parking a double-decker bus within a 1mm tolerance.

We interview Nikki Jones, director of the University of Sheffield AMRC Training Centre, celebrating its tenth anniversary. Nikki discusses the centre's vital role in apprenticeships for the economy, region, and industry.

Explore these topics and more in the latest issue of the Journal.

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