At our recent AMRC Summit, we chatted with some of our brilliant panellists and speakers.

From exploring the aspects of sustainable manufacturing to discussing the future of digital technology in the industry, these interviews provide valuable takeaways and reflections from our experts.

Discusses the urgency of sustainable manufacturing and energy reduction, highlighting the pivotal role of businesses and government action in achieving net zero targets.

Discusses the AMRC's role in driving manufacturing towards net zero, focusing on diverse stakeholders and highlighting the significance of strategic efforts.

Discusses the balance of responsibilities among industries, governments, and leaders in driving net zero transition and sustainable manufacturing leadership.

Explores the importance of skill development and government support alongside technology, crucial for the successful transition to a sustainable, net zero future.

Addresses the 'whole systems' approach to net zero, adeptly integrating diverse disciplines to comprehensively tackle environmental challenges beyond factory walls.

Highlights Siemens' integration of sustainable practices within manufacturing, focusing on the challenges and opportunities for UK manufacturers in reaching net zero.

Talks about Hybrid Air Vehicles' role in sustainable transportation and the impact of their recent announcement on aerospace and net zero goals.

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