We have conducted research and development in the aerospace sector for more than 20 years. Working with businesses of all sizes, we turn the latest ideas and technology into real commercial applications.

From improving current processes to preparing for the future of flying, we’re dedicated to making the UK aerospace industry more competitive, more efficient and more sustainable.

How can we help?

We work closely with the biggest names in aerospace — as well as smaller companies throughout the supply chain — to introduce new technologies, materials and processes, and improve existing ones.

Our work is practical, not abstract. By using the same industrial-scale facilities as a real aerospace production line, we can take the risk out of innovation — proving that new solutions work offline before we integrate them into your business.

We’re also tackling the biggest challenges facing the wider aerospace sector. We conduct research in everything from composites and lightweighting to future propulsion. Working alongside the University of Sheffield’s Sustainable Aviation Fuels Innovation Centre, we’re at the heart of the drive to reduce harmful emissions in aerospace.

The aerospace sector also faces challenges in recruiting and retaining the best people. We provide digital training methods that keep your processes consistent, and we train both new apprentices and existing workers every year.

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