The UK automotive sector remains an important part of our economy, with a £67bn annual turnover. But the number of cars produced each year in the UK has halved since 2016.

At the AMRC, we’re developing better, cheaper, quicker and more sustainable ways of manufacturing. We want to use this know-how to give our automotive industry the competitive edge it needs — and get more cars and parts manufactured here in the UK.

A track record of success

We have a long track record of delivering high-value manufacturing projects with partners including Rolls-Royce and Boeing. Now we’re working with names like McLaren and Toyota to apply our years of expertise and experience to the automotive industry.

From composites and automation to batteries and 5G, we have the technical know-how and proven success rate to make automotive companies fit for the future. 

We’re already making the sector more sustainable, with projects on lightweighting, electrification and hydrogen storage.

Our breadth of knowledge means we can take a whole system approach to your challenges, from the design of your factory to every stage of your products’ life cycle.

Get in touch and find out how we can help you become more sustainable and more productive.

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