Healthcare affects us all. And with an ageing population, the medical manufacturing sector is set to grow exponentially.

At the AMRC, we’re using the latest advances in technology to make sustainable medical products and smart hospitals of the future, reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes.

We work with businesses of all sizes, from major pharmaceutical and medical device companies to SMEs, charities and the NHS.

How we can help

Work with us and you’ll have access to years of industry experience, the latest academic research, and links with clinical partners. We can take innovations from one area, such as lightweighting in aerospace, and use them in what you do — bringing the latest advances in manufacturing to the world of healthcare.

Our machining team is improving the mass production of hip replacements, while our composites experts are capable of applying lightweight materials for use in medical applications. Our design and prototyping group has ISO13485 accreditation up to prototype level — an internationally recognised standard for medical products.

We’re using digital simulations to determine how best to lay out new hospitals, taking into account of the flow of people, complex equipment and logistics. We’re creating fully immersive virtual reality operating theatres to allow surgeons to collaborate remotely.

We’re implementing telehealth applications and robotics to triage military casualties, making healthcare more accessible and bringing it to hard to reach locations. And we’re working with charities to explore how using wearable technology to reduce the need to travel to hospitals can reduce regional health inequalities.

Get in touch and find out how we can help your business — and ultimately improve patient care.

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