The Design and Prototyping Group, which includes the Medical AMRC, develop everything from conceptual designs, to fully functional prototypes for a range of industries.

Our multidisciplinary team engineer advanced products across a variety of high-value manufacturing sectors, including transport, healthcare and energy. We apply the latest design strategies to achieve research driven solutions.

Our group is situated at the centre of active research themes across the AMRC and the wider University of Sheffield, enabling us to combine world-class research and development with innovative and flexible design capabilities. The Medical AMRC further expands this focus with access to clinical expertise, including the University of Sheffield’s clinical resources.

We utilise in-house high-precision machining processes, additive manufacturing, fabrication, advanced analytical tools and clean room facilities to develop next generation prototypes.

Through the Medical AMRC we also specialise in developing designs to meet the requirements of current and next generation manufacturing processes, pushing the limits of technology. We apply this to create market leading products and opportunities that enable our customers to keep their competitive edge.

Our current portfolio includes: the design and build of a high performance, large volume additive manufacturing machine; the development of an unmanned ground support vehicle; the successful launch of powered and free-flight unmanned aerial vehicles; the re-design of a pyro-electric fuel shut off valve and the development of next generation orthopaedic devices.

Our main research area themes are:

Our latest case studies can be downloaded here.

For details of our technology research themes and equipment capabilities, please download our Design and Prototyping capability brochure.

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