The UK’s space sector is at the forefront of exploring the universe, connecting people, keeping citizens safe and enabling critical infrastructure.

The government’s National Space Strategy outlines a bold ambition for the UK to be a leader in the space sector. We’re supporting startups, SMEs and major manufacturers to develop the cutting-edge technology we need to fulfil this ambition.

Whether it’s using giant mirrors in space to beam 24/7 solar energy back to Earth, or coming up with ways to manufacture huge satellite parts while in orbit, we’re working on some of the most mind-blowing engineering projects on the planet — and off it. It’s where science fiction becomes reality.

How we can help

The space sector in the UK is an emerging one, worth £5.8bn in export, and directly employing 45,000 people. The key to growing this further will be advances in automated manufacturing and innovation in both products and services.

Our wide-ranging capabilities can help with the full spectrum of advanced manufacturing, from concept all the way through the supply chain.

We are working on futuristic projects with the Space Generation Advisory Council and the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Your business can tap into our powerful research in this area.

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