Runflat tyre specialist aided by Advanced Structural Testing heads for expansion

09 August 2016

The developer of a revolutionary 'runflat' tyre that has been put through its paces by the AMRC's Advanced Structural Testing Centre is heading for expansion.

The invention is the brainchild of Richard Lust of Runflat Systems, who has developed a special insert that allows vehicles with punctured tyres to carry out high speed manoeuvres and keep going for miles.

The insert fits inside a standard tyre on a standard wheel for vehicles ranging from police cars and armoured saloons for politicians and diplomats to military 4x4s, combat vehicles and heavy trucks.

The Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC) helped Runflat test development prototypes.

Testing of the Runflat System at the AMRC Advanced Structural Testing Centre. 

Most normal test houses wouldn't have had the equipment or the breadth of expertise to carry out tests, but the ASTC had the capabilities and was just a few hundred yards away from Runflat's base on the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).

The ASTC was able to carry out tests in a much more controlled way than would be possible on track, applying static loads, videoing what was happening to the tyre, recording measurements and stopping tests in the event of a failure, before the Runflat device suffered too much damage to see what caused it.

You can read an article with more information about the testing here.

The ASTC is now continuing to help the company as it sources and proves production components ahead of moving into mass production.

Runflat has been developing its designs with the help of two other organisations on the AMP - high performance engineering design business Performance Engineered Solutions and additive manufacturing specialist Materialise.

It is now expanding from the AMP's Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre to Building 3, the newest office development at the AMP.

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