Count down to the 2050 Hack

11 October 2018

Teams of engineers specialising in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics, will descend on Factory 2050 next week for a gruelling two-day hackathon organised by Rolls-Royce and the chance to win not only a £10,000 prize but the opportunity to partner with the global engineering giant in the future.

Ten teams from around the world will square up at Factory 2050, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre’s flagship facility, to design and build a winning decision-making solution that automates inspection, trend detection and measurement adjustments for aero-engine components.

The hackers come from across the UK and as far afield as Belarus, working for digital companies operating in a wide variety of sectors such as renewable energy, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, health, pharmaceutical, finance, and gaming.

Faizan Patankar, Venturing and Incubation Lead for R² Data Labs at Rolls-Royce said: “Engaging with digital businesses, SMEs and start-ups which are by nature, innovative and small enough to be flexible and work quickly to develop new processes and technologies is a great opportunity for a huge global organisation like Rolls-Royce to stay agile through collaboration. We are looking forward to seeing what clever solutions are there are out there; ones that could potentially assist Rolls-Royce in solving manufacturing challenges.

“It also is a chance for us to engage with industry best practice and knowledge transfer, bringing seemingly unconnected cross-sector companies together to attain a common goal and explore new models of working together.”

The prize money will be offered as seed funding, to help the team that claims the number one spot develop their winning solution into a proof of concept in partnership with Rolls-Royce’s Manufacturing Technology and R² Data Labs teams.

“Rolls-Royce is looking at how AI and machine learning can help improve and automate manufacturing processes for the aerospace manufacturing processes,” added Faizan. “So the event is an opportunity for us to create new partnerships and build on our external ecosystem of partners that can engage with the research we do.”

Software Engineer Rikki Coles will be leading the AMRC’s team in the hackathon. Rikki is part of a research team exploring the application of AI and machine learning to optimise manufacturing processes, improve through-put and the efficiency of decision making processes and data analysis.

He said: “Hackathons like these are a valuable way to engage with new and innovative ways of using technology to solve manufacturing problems, which ultimately benefits everyone. You get exposure to see how engineers from sectors you would usually never have contact with would address similar problems, in a fast-paced and creative environment.”

“As long-time partners of the AMRC, it’s great for Rolls-Royce to host the event at Factory 2050; we are harnessing the powers of AI and machine learning and raising awareness that these capabilities are available. Factory 2050 is home to cutting-edge connected manufacturing technologies and data-led capabilities that are revolutionising how the manufacturing industry operates. It’s a great opportunity for the teams to see the art of the possible to inspire them during the competition.”

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