Government report highlights how Advanced Manufacturing Research is transforming business

05 November 2014
  • New report on UK CATAPULT centres focuses on the success of The University of Sheffield's AMRC and Nuclear AMRC
  • The report also recommends how this success can be extended to other fields and industries, with increased public funding for a total of 30 centres across the UK by 2030

In 2010 the UK invested £200 million in a network of Catapult Centres designed to close the gap between universities and industry, creating infrastructures which would rapidly translate research into productivity.

The most advanced of these centres across the UK focus on High-Value Manufacturing, with The University of Sheffield home to two of the UK's seven centres - the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the Nuclear AMRC.

A report published today (5th November, 2014) for the Department of Business, Industry and Skills by the entrepreneur Hermann Hauser marks the success of this investment in stimulating business development and economic growth, and calls for greater investment in UK research and development, leading to 30 CATAPULT centres across the UK by 2030.

Examples of success cited in the report include:

  • Sheffield-based cutting tool specialists Technicut and tool-holding specialist Nikken Kosakusho worked with both the AMRC and Nuclear AMRC to prove that a new tooling system could achieve record-breaking rates of metal removal. As a result of this collaborative research, Technicut has won new orders and increased its workforce, with the patented system now in production and use around the world. Nikken is also investing in a new European R&D Centre on the Advanced Manufacturing Park, next to the AMRC. Click here for further information on the trials.

According to the report, these examples:

"Highlight the ability to increase the scale, speed and scope of commercialisation, and to anchor jobs and investment in the UK that would be otherwise lost overseas."

The report also highlights the pioneering work of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre on the development of high-quality technical education and skills. Building on the success of the AMRC Training Centre, the CATAPULT centres are

"developing a cadre of technologists and engineers with cross-sector design and manufacturing skills focused on the management and delivery of innovation."

Click here to access the full report.

Notes for Editors

In 2013/14, the UK High Value Manufacturing CATAPULTs generated a private sector income of £65 million, with a further £44 million of collaborative research and development.

According to the report, for each £1 of public investment in collaborative research and development, there is a gross value added return of £6.71.

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