The AMRC’s MACH 2022 experience

28 March 2022

To the casual passer-by it might appear that we have brought the same iconic Caterham 7 sports car we used to demonstrate Industry 4.0 technologies in 2018. But step onto the stand and look ‘under the bonnet’, and you will discover that the kit car has been transformed to now display how the AMRC is aiding manufacturers on their journey toward net zero.

By Professor Rab Scott, director of industrial digitalisation, University of Sheffield AMRC

The AMRC at MACH 2022 - April, 4 - April, 8

In many ways Project ELLI (Electrification and Lightweighting in Industry 4.0) epitomises all that is important to the AMRC and our partners as we increasingly consider sustainability on a par with productivity and profitability. It’s a theme running through our stand from the materials we have used for our components, to freebies we hand out, and the marketing brochures we didn’t print.

Through ELLI, we want visitors to learn how they can minimise material use, reduce energy requirements, improve in-service efficiency, and reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes. More than anything though, ELLI demonstrates that cornerstone of success collaboration.

Whether it’s lightweighting with composite materials and optimal design principles, novel battery module assembly, additive manufacturing or advanced machining, we hope that there is something to grab your attention on this year’s stand.

Project ELLI is the AMRC on four wheels, so come and have a look. Just mind the paintwork.

The AMRC at MACH 2022 - April, 4 - April, 8

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