AMRC becomes the first UK research organisation to join the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Allianc

05 November 2015

The University Of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) is demonstrating its leadership role in UK manufacturing by joining the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA). AMRC is the first UK research organisation to join the AREA.

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AREA is the only global, member-driven organisation focusing on accelerating augmented reality (AR) adoption in enterprise. The AREA's mission is to help organisations achieve greater operational efficiencies through the smooth introduction and widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems. Its members collaborate to further this vision and mission.

By building on its current research into the impact and value AR within the manufacturing the Integrated Manufacturing Group (IMG) at the AMRC is well placed to advance the AREA's goals.

Chris Freeman, head of digital assisted assembly at IMG, said: "Joining the AREA will allow us to conduct core research projects with the AREA members, assisting them in creating tailored industrial applications and guiding industry in successfully adopting this advanced technology, all whilst evidencing measurable returns on investment."

AR will play a pivotal role in IMG's new home, the AMRC's new Factory 2050. Factory 2050 is the world's first fully-reconfigurable factory for advanced manufacturing methods and mechanisms and will allow IMG to showcase the developments and real value of AR to their network of industrial partners.

"Delivery of the right information, to the relevant end user, at the right time, is central to the AMRC's AR strategy," said Chris Freeman.

New members of AREA meet at the University of Sheffield's AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre during an AREA members meeting, including Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly, Chris Freeman of IMG (third from left, top row) and AREA Executive Director, Christine Perey (centre).

"At Factory 2050 we will be developing innovative ways to visualise the vast array of 'big data' available to manufacturing organisations," he added. "Through the combination of wearable technology and analytics, Factory 2050 will help us demonstrate how digital information will be intelligently accessible and improve overall performance as part of a digital shop floor."

"The world of AR is developing rapidly. By connecting with the AREA members such as Boeing, APX Labs, Bosch and DAQRI among others, we will leverage their experience and diverse talents, enabling us to be better informed and keeping the AMRC at the forefront of the technology," said Chris.

"The maturity of AR-enabling technologies and systems is reaching the point where its use in manufacturing is very compelling. The AR for Enterprise Alliance is very proud to welcome the AMRC as a member - our first dedicated to maturing AR for manufacturing environments," said Christine Perey, AREA Executive Director.

"Having a member dedicated to maturing these advanced technologies is important to the achievement of our organisation's strategic goals to drive continuous improvements and increase the impact of AR in industry."

More information about the AREA is available at their website here.

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