Consilio3D initiative with the AMRC supports new manufacturing techniques

10 March 2015

Consilio3D Ltd are playing a crucial part in enabling innovation in conjunction with the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), part of the UK's High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

To enhance some of the services and capabilities of the AMRC, Consilio3D are sponsoring a donation of 10 licenses of the innovative CAD modelling software ANSYS SpaceClaim, together with an STL prep module. This move is a strategic collaboration to support 3D printing activities, which will allow for exploitation of new manufacturing process techniques, working with newer lighter materials. In fact this step is a natural progression which augments more recent activities, where both organisations have been working closely on a number of innovation projects.

Consilio3D see this as an important bid to provide best of breed products and services to support the AMRC for additive manufacturing and believes there are future opportunities for closer alignment. Discussions have already taken place to form a future consortium type engagement to further develop the centre of excellence approach that forms the core of Consilio3D and the AMRC.

Paul Crain, UK Managing director stated ''Consilio3D and the AMRC initiative constitutes a major step forward for us in an exciting industry. We envisage a successful partnership with the AMRC going forward and it's our plan to raise the profile of what we hope will potentially become a joint service offering across a number of industries. Those clients in particular that are feeling real business pain in the fact that they need specific expertise around the digitisation of their legacy data in order to capitalise on modern manufacturing methods, is where we successfully position our services capability offerings''

Photo - Dean Whittingslow, Project Engineer (Design) AMRC Design & Prototyping Group

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