The AMRC is not just for large companies – we work with companies of any size.

We are proud of our history of working with SMEs – in fact the very first AMRC partner was a family-owned Sheffield-based SME. 

Every year we work with more than 600 SMEs.

Come and see what we do.

  • AMRC Forum - The AMRC Forum is our technology network for manufacturing businesses.
  • Collaborative projects - The AMRC has always recognised that many of the solutions to supply chain challenges and projects are provided by SME companies and we strive to have at least one SME in every project consortium.
  • Research projects - Smaller companies carry out numerous specific research projects with the AMRC each year.
  • Supply chain programmes - The close relationship of AMRC with sector primes and OEMs gives us opportunities to work throughout supply chains to offer process improvements, knowledge transfer activity, networking opportunities and supply chain insights.

Find out more about how we are helping smaller companies.

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